About the Exhibit

Ice: A Victorian Romance, Linda Hall Library

imageIce: A Victorian Romance, is an exhibition of fifty-five rare books and journals, which were originally displayed at the Linda Hall Library, May 1-September 13, 2008.

The online exhibition duplicates the physical exhibit, with the inclusion of additional images.  Navigation is straightforward.  The NEXT button or link will take you though the exhibition item by item. 

The CONTENTS link will take you to a Table of Contents that lists all fifty-five exhibited books by short title, with links that will take you directly to each item. 

The INDEX link will connect you to a Bibliographic Index that lists, in alphabetical order, with full title, all the works displayed, with links to each one.

Each page loads with moderate-size images. Clicking on the image will load a larger image with caption. The "Previous" buttom will return you to the original page. The "Next" button will take you to the next item in the exhibition.

 A full color printed catalog is available.  Click here for ordering information. 

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