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Ice: A Victorian Romance, Linda Hall Library


I.  Arctic Ice: Initial Encounters

1. Scoresby, WilliamAn Account of the Arctic Regions, 1820.

2. Ross, John, SirA Voyage of Discovery, 1819.

3. Fisher, AlexanderJournal of a Voyage of Discovery, [1819].

4. Parry, William Edward, Sir.   Journal of a Voyage, 1821.

5. Officer of the Expedition.  Letters Written during the Late Voyage, 1821. 

6. Franklin, John, Sir.  Narrative of a Journey to the Polar Sea, 1823.

7. Parry, William Edward, SirJournal of a Second Voyage, 1824.

8. Lyon, George FrancisThe Private Journal of Captain G.F. Lyon, 1824

9. Lyon, George Francis.  A Brief Narrative of an Unsuccessful Attempt, 1825.

10. Parry, William Edward, Sir.  Journal of a Third Voyage, 1826.

11. Parry, William Edward, Sir  Narrative of an Attempt to Reach the North Pole, 1828.

12. Franklin, John, SirNarrative of a Second Expedition, 1828. 

13. Beechey, Frederick WilliamNarrative of a Voyage to the Pacific, 1831.

14. Richardson, John, SirFauna Boreali-Americana, 1829-1837

II.    Arctic Ice: Private Ventures

15. Ross, John, SirNarrative of a Second Voyage, 1835. 

16. Huish, Robert.  The Last Voyage of Capt. Sir John Ross, 1835. 

17. Ross, James Clark.  “On the position of the North Magnetic Pole”, 1834.

18. Back, George, SirNarrative of the Arctic Land Expedition, 1836.

19. Back, George, Sir.   Narrative of an Expedition in H.M.S. Terror, 1838. 

20. Dease, Peter Warren; Simpson, Thomas.  “Narrative of Arctic discovery,” 1841.

21. Barrow, John, SirVoyages of Discovery, 1846.

III. Southern Ice: Voyages to Antarctica

22. Weddell, James.  A Voyage towards the South Pole, 1825.

23. Dumont d'Urville, JulesVoyage au pole sud, 1842-1854.

24. Wilkes, Charles.  Narrative of the United States Exploring Expedition, 1845.

25. Cassin, JohnMammalogy and Ornithology, 1858.

26. Ross, James ClarkA Voyage of Discovery …in the Antarctic Regions, 1847.

27. Hooker, Joseph Dalton, SirThe Botany of…H.M.S. Erebus and Terror, 1844-1860.

IV. Glacial Ice: The Glacial Theory

28. Hugi, Franz JosephNaturhistorische Alpenreise, 1830.

29. Agassiz, Louis.  “Discours a Neuchatel,” 1837.

30. Agassiz, LouisÉtudes sur les glaciers,, 1840.

31. Charpentier, Johann vonEssai sur les glaciers, 1841.

32. Darwin, Charles.  “Observations on the parallel roads of Glen Roy, 1839.

33. Darwin, Charles.  “Note on a rock seen on an iceberg,” 1839.

34. Agassiz, Louis.  “The glacial theory and its recent progress,” 1842.

35. Forbes, James DavidTravels through the Alps of Savoy, 1843.

V. Unforgiving Ice: The Search for Franklin

36. Hooper, William HulmeTen Months among the Tents of the Tuski, 1853.

37. Osborn, Sherard.   Stray Leaves from an Arctic Journal, 1852.

38. Kane, Elisha KentThe U.S. Grinnell Expedition, 1854.

39. Great Britain.  AdmiraltyFurther Correspondence and Proceedings connected with the Arctic Expedition, 1852.

40. Great Britain.  AdmiraltyAdditional Papers Relative to the Arctic Expedition under the Orders of Captain Austin and Mr. William Penny, 1852.

41. Kennedy, WilliamThe Second Voyage of the Prince Albert, 1853.

42. McClure, Robert, SirThe Discovery of the North-west Passage, 1856.

43. Belcher, Edward, SirThe Last of the Arctic Voyages, 1855.

44. McDougall, George FThe Eventful Voyage of H.M S. Resolute, 1857.

45. Great Britain. AdmiraltyFurther Papers Relative to the Recent Arctic Expeditions, 1855. 

46. Great Britain. AdmiraltyPapersRelative to the Recent Arctic Expeditions, 1854.

47. Rae, John.  “Arctic exploration,” 1855.

48. Kane, Elisha KentArctic Explorations, 1856.

49. Sonntag, AugustProfessor Sonntag’s Thrilling Narrative, 1857.

50. McClintock, Francis Leopold, SirThe Voyage of the Fox in the Arctic Seas, 1859.

51. Petersen, Carl.  Den Sidste Franklin-Expedition, 1860.

VI.  Ice Everlasting: The Ice Age

52. Johnston, Alexander KeithThe Physical Atlas of Natural Phenomena, 1850.

53. Unger, Franz, 1800-1870.  Ideal Views of the Primitive World, 1859.

54. Ramsay, Andrew Crombie, SirThe Old Glaciers of Switzerland and North Wales, 1860. 

VII.  Epilogue

55. Geikie, James.   The Great Ice Age,1874.

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